CNG Hose Assemblies

Bristol Clean Energy is a Parker/CSA certified manufacturer of Compressed Natural Gas hoses for dispensing equipment and vehicle applications. We have the capabilities in making single line and twin bonded lines at our facility. All hoses are pressure tested, di-electric tested for conductivity, and metal tagged for tracking.


CNG Components

In order to better meet your needs were are stocking most common NGV1 dispensing components. Whether it is break aways, nozzles, receptacles or hose retractors; they are available. In addition to dispensing components, stainless steel gas conveying components are also available. We feature made in USA connectors, valves, and tubing (coiled and stick).

Custom Fabrication

No fabrication job is too big or small. We are capable of taking your drawing and turning it into a reality in a short amount of time. With experience in making time fill polls (single, dual, quad style) specific to your requirements (height, mounting style, color etc.), coalescing filter stands, and other fueling site needs.


Our Mission

At Bristol Clean Energy, our goal is to provide end users a simple yet functional Compressed Natural Gas solutions.


Our Ideals

  • Provide quality products to the customer as quickly as possible.
  • In depth knowledge of the industry and the current evolution of the clean energy market
  • Experience; 30 years of manufacturing, fabrication, and returning customers.

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